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  1. Development and Welfare of Sindhi language, literature, culture and art

  2. Problems of the Community

  3. Motivation of new generation to join and interact with Sindhi Samaj

  4. Marriage Bureau

  5. Financial Assistance

  6. Other Activities




Development and Welfare of Sindhi language, literature, culture and art
The trust has taken active part in theformation and development of M.P. Sindhi Sahitya Academy.Sindhi Literates and Artists are being honoured regularly for their outstanding works. Sindhi - dramas, Kavi sammelan & Goshtis are also arranged.










Problems of the Community
With the efforts of the Trust, a Kalyan Samiti (a Govt. of M .P. High level committee of ministerial level) was constituted for the study and redressal of grievances and problems of sindhi community pertaining to pattas, plots, gumtis, education, citizenship rights of migrants from Pakistan and other allied matters. They are studied and meetings are held from time to time. Then the Govt. is approached with suggestions for their solution and redressal. There are about 12 lacs of Sindhi residing in M.PThe Trust also feel proud that Sindhi Vikas Board at Vadodra were formed by G.O.I because of rigorous efforts and approach by the Trust.









Motivation of new generation to join and interact with Sindhi Samaj

Since 1989, every year on the auspicious occasion of Cheti Chand, Trust honors meritorious students, Sindhi writers, poets, literati, artists of all categories, sports persons of state and national level, and outstanding personalities in other walks of life. This has given good and encouraging results. The Community should be proud of such Sindhi persons which are brought on the surface and linked to the community

Every year Cheti Chand is celebrated with Chhej, Shahnal, Dhodo-Chatni, Sukho sessa etc., giving glimpses of Sindhi Culture.











Marriage Bureau

A computerized marriage Bureau is working since last 13 years. About 3000 boys/girls of the community are registered with the Bureau from all parts of India and Abroad.


Parichay Sammelan
Parichay Sammelan and Parent's meet is also organised regularly in which boys and girls alongwith their parents meet each other to facilitate their matrimonial proposals. For details about next parichay sammelan click here

Group Marriages
Group marriages of 30 couples of the community are solemnised every alternate year by the Trust, with the help and donations from the affluent members of the community. The marriages are performed by Vedic rites, in a reasonably dignified way. This has salutary effect on dowry and curtailment of otherwise unnecessary expenditure of individual family. A bag containing necessary clothes for the couple and daily use homely articles like Press, Sewing machine, Cookers etc. are given to start their married life.





Financial Assistance
  1. With the efforts of Sindhu Bhawan, Indusind Foundation is giving monthly financial assistance to the poor needy old persons and widows recommended by the Trust.

  2. Scholorships to the poor needy and otherwise brilliant students,sports--persons is also arranged by Trust from Indusind foundation New Delhi.

  3. Book Bank has been started to supply books and note- books free of cost to the poor and needy students of class I to XII standards .









Other Activities


  1. Sindhu Bhawan joined its hands with World Sindhi Congress to spread message in whole of M.P. for the achievement of political rights of sindhi community.

  2. Similarly Sindhu Bhawan has worked sincerely with All India Sindhi Council for drafting memorandum submitted to Chairman of Constitution review committee and its representatives also met the chairman of review committee, in delegation with the all India Sindhi Council, for landless Sindhi province and political rights of the community.

  3. On the pursuance of the Trust, representation was given and the Govt. of M.P. formed high power linguistic minority committee for the promotion of Sindhi language , literature and art.

  4. It is worthwhile to mention that Sindhu Bhawan put sincere efforts in M.P. for establishing of Indusind Bank of Sindhi's, founded by Hinduja's.

  5. From time to time outstanding and renowned persons of the community from different walks of the life from India and abroad are being invited for their speeches, discourses, thoughts and they are felicitated for their achievements 

  6. Dipawali - milan programme is celebrated to honour the donors and get their valuable guidance for the welfare of the community.

  7. The Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers and Industrialists are invited from time to time and their views and suggestions are invited to improve and streamline the working of Sindhu Bhawan for better services to the community.

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