MP Sindhu Bhawan Trust
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         Other Activities

1. Sindhu Bhawan joined its hands with World Sindhi Congress to spread message in whole of M.P. for the achievement of political rights of sindhi community.
2. Similarly Sindhu Bhawan has worked sincerely with All India Sindhi Council for drafting memorandum submitted to Chairman of Constitution review committee and its representatives also met the chairman of review committee, in delegation with the all India Sindhi Council, for landless Sindhi province and political rights of the community.
3. On the pursuance of the Trust, representation was given and the Govt. of M.P. formed high power linguistic minority committee for the promotion of Sindhi language , literature and art.
4. It is worthwhile to mention that Sindhu Bhawan put sincere efforts in M.P. for establishing of Indusind Bank of Sindhi's, founded by Hinduja's.
5. From time to time outstanding and renowned persons of the community from different walks of the life from India and abroad are being invited for their speeches, discourses, thoughts and they are felicitated for their achievements
6. Dipawali - milan programme is celebrated to honour the donors and get their valuable guidance for the welfare of the community.
7. The Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers and Industrialists are invited from time to time and their views and suggestions are invited to improve and streamline the working of Sindhu Bhawan for better services to the community.